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The significance of Astroworld

Travis Scott raised in Houston envisioning the revival of his childhood favorite place to go, a theme park in Houston; Astroworld. This not only affected Scott but many others who shared similar memories with that place. While some of them would have taken a route of signing petitions for that park’s reopening, Scott took another approach where he brought Astroworld back by making music and eventually making it big enough in the hip hop world to rejuvenate his childhood memories and give back to his hometown. Astroworld having such immense significance in his life that it is even said that he started rapping in the first place because they took the only fun spot out of the city which led him to name his third album after it. 

Having established how much Astroworld means not only to Scott but to his fans as well. 

Introducing the Merchandise

Scott’s style in music is accepted and appreciated not only by his fans but by other artists as well and has established his name as a hip hop/pop icon, Scott’s influence, and the Houston vibe is not only seen is his music but in is merchandise as well. No matter who he collaborates or works with his style comes across as unique and flamboyant which sets it apart from other streetwear with eye-catching and ravishing designs. 

The album Astroworld dropped on the 3rd of August and the Astroworld merch dropped between 1st to 10th of August in small clusters which included the Astroworld Hoodie, Astroworld tees and Astroworld caps. The Travis Scott Hoodie initially was fairly straight forward in terms of the design and text as on the Astroworld Hoodie the text would be written in a simple plain form with Astroworld’s logo in text and small sentences which inspire Travis Scott’s Astroworld merchandise such as “Wish You Were Here”. Astroworld Hoodie, however, went on to have many other variants under the banner of Astroworld Festival which had different more aesthetic designs incorporated with text on the back or the front. The Travis Scott Astroworld Hoodie came under different names mostly named after Scott’s songs which were inspired by his hometown; Houston. 

Starting from the first edition where simple text embroidery was used in various colors giving out a notion of completeness and joy surrounding the Astroworld that Travis had experienced in his childhood. The backside of the Hoodie finishes with a simple text in white saying “Wish You Were Here” implying how important and close to him was is Astroworld. In addition to this another Astroworld Hoodie with the name, Astroworld Scattered Hoodie is in this collection where the alphabets of the word Astroworld are embroidered with the face of a smiling Earth This Astroworld Hoodie comes in all sizes which are shown in our size preferences and at our store these vintage hoodies are available.

 The drop 4 that came in had a similar black background with a different text but keeping in mind the Astroworld theme where a smiley inside the depicted Earth and stars adjacent to it cover the front giving a likewise feeling of happiness with “Thrill And Chills” written in red in the center. At the back a peace sign with “Out Of The World” written in a similar color to the Astroworld logo on the front. 

The Astroworld Festival edition takes a different approach as compared to the first edition. This has a lot of different color schemes involved with where there is a color spiral design and a full yellow Hoodie which has the iconic message of wish you were here. Another edition of the festival series represents his hometown, Houston where on the backside of it the tour dates for that year with there locations are mentioned with a message of “I Was Here” and “I Went To Astroworld”. The most iconic of them all which is also available at our store is the Skull and skeleton edition holds a different meaning and perspective according to the perceptions of the fans. 

Astroworld Hoodies are a major addition to the streetwear category of clothing and there are only a few merchandise items that provide such a level of fashion and personality.

This isn’t the first time that Travis Scott has launched a series of merchandise based on one of his albums. There has been the infamous Travis Scott rodeo merch which included items such as shirts, caps and the highly liked rodeo jacket which was a bomber jacket with the initials of the album “Rodeo” embroidered on the backside with the picture of a cactus printed. These shirts both belonging to the album Astroworld and Rodeo can be purchased through this website where according to every piece of Travis Scott merchandise there is a size chart available alongside the available colors from which one can select the accurate range of measurements that would best suit them. The material used for these hoodies is highly comfortable and adjustable. These hoodies or even the entire Travis Scott merchandise will not look bad on you even if go for a size larger than your actual one.

Another example of his merchandise based on one of his albums is the Bird merch from Bird in the Trap album. Similar to the Astroworld Peace Hoodie there is a pattern of writing on the sleeve with a print of another one of the iconic drawings on the back. 

Another addition to the Hoodie collection is the Laflame Hoodie which has a class of its own. This Travis Scott Hoodie is inspired by the emblem of fire where either a fire represented design is present or there is a simple text of La Flame written in different text sizes and colors representing the different forms and perspectives and how they gel up to give the perfect streetwear look. 

Convenient size charts are available on our website according to each particular Hoodie or streetwear to choose from. These are truly one of the best casual looks that one can rock, no matter if they are a Travis Scott fan or not.

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